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Echo CS4072-FB Fixed Table

Original price $6,299.00 - Original price $7,588.00
Original price
$6,299.00 - $7,588.00
Current price $6,299.00

The ECHO dining table boasts a strong personality with square, yet well-proportioned lines. The central metal column supports a range of tops available in different shapes, sizes and materials to create a truly personalized table.

The different tops, available in ceramic-glass, make it possible to create multiple combinations and to play on the union of warm and cool materials.

Choose the top that's perfect for you.

Small - L 78 ¾ X W 39 3/8 x H 29 ¾(27 7/8)

Large - L 98 ½ X W 47 ¼ x H 29 ¾(27 7/8)

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